Mission & Vision


senseIT is a high tech company specialized in developing and delivering of fully automated 3D inspection cells. Our systems provide inline optical quality controls and / or 3-dimensional measurements on the shopfloor.


Our mission is to become leader in the development and delivery of fully automated 3D measurement systems in the manufacturing industry, which is providing space for innovative and advanced ideas and technologies.


SenseIT is a flat organization that strives for growth demonstrated by self-organizing teams each responsible for a specific product line. In the future, we want to broaden our expertise in the quality control automation so we can adapt our technology to more areas within the manufacturing industry. We want to achieve this by means of specialized and passionate staff who are motivated to build the future.

In the video below Anouar talks about working at senseIT.

Shape Validation

Our inspection cells are being used for the repetitive control, measurement and validation of critical objects and assemblies. The focus lies on the completeness, geometry and surface defects of the products. The deviations are measured by comparing the product to a previously uploaded master model.

Inline Production

Our systems have a high measurement accuracy and are very reliable. They even work in a heavy, unconditioned production environment. The user gets feedback about the validation of every part, which won’t take longer than the usual production cycle.

Easy Operation

Our products have an intuitive user interface for the operation and presentation of current and older data. The user can easily upload information of new products and components. This can be done in a very time efficient way and the user doesn’t need to struggle with costly and difficult adjustments. We guarantee a complete turn-key solution, which comes with integration, training, maintenance and service.

3D Metrology

The inspection cells replace manual (and so flaw-sensitive) inspection task with a repetitive monotone character. The execution is complete in all directions of the contour of the product that needs to be validated.

Proven Technology

We are continuously working on the development of innovative technologies. Thanks to our expertise, experiences and pragmatic mindset we’re able to translate our technologies to easy solutions for our clients. Our systems are being successfully used in production environments in the manufacturing industry.

Process Monitoring

The statistic process control module saves data of every individual measurement. Repetitive defects will directly be presented to production. Thanks to this feedback, the weak spots of the production process will become clear. This way the user can optimize the production process and minimize the amount of rejects. Our customers will be able to fulfil the continuously increasing quality standard, with a lower failure rate and less quality costs.