3D inspection cells for the manufacturing industry

senseIT develops en delivers automated 3D inspection cells.
Our products provide three-dimensional quality controls and/or
measurements in line with the production process. Quality costs reduce significantly!

Our inspection cells

With senseIT, a lot of research is being done in the field of measurement technology, we always work at the limit of what is achievable and what not. For example, we are constantly innovating, and our work remains diverse and challenging!

Anouar Manders Expert in 3D Machine Vision

Tech Talk: A brief history of GPGPU

In the past, you could only use video cards for 2D/3D desktop applications and games, but it soon became clear that these cards could also be used for scientific applications to process large amounts of
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Anouar gives a lecture to Mechatronics students

Today, the 8th of march 2018, we welcomed students of the study Mechatronics of the Haagse Hogeschool in our building in Delft. The students from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are joining the IMEP-project. This project is about ‘Robotics and
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Tech Talk: Coded Light Technology

With stereovision technology you can extract 3D information from two cameras, by comparing information about the scene from two vantage points. This works best when you have a calibrated setup so that features in the
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