Software lead engineering

senseIT has experience in managing and supervising sizeable development projects with 1 or more engineering teams. We like to immerse ourselves in your domain, think along with you about the desired functionality and translate this into a functional and technical design. We can advise you on industry 4.0 themes, iOt applications, (big) data management and improving your quality processes and inspections. Thanks to our joint knowledge and experience, and building on the specialist expertise of our partners, we design and implement hands-on solutions for practical and operational challenges.


At senseIT we believe that every industrial automation project is unique, and for that reason we offer a specialist and dedicated project management service to ensure that your project is delivered efficiently and cost effectively, without negatively affecting your daily operational activities. Our knowledge-based approach ensures that we understand your specifications and translate them into robust solutions. We use agile scrum techniques to make every software development process as insightful and transparent as possible and on the basis of short project cycles you have more control over the course of each process and  mitigate potential challenges and risks.


In addition to the in-house software development team, senseIT has the knowledge and know-how to manage expert nearshoring engineering teams from Ukraine who specialize in web-based graphical user interfaces and embedded applications. We specialize in the languages C, C ++ and C # for Visual Studio and QTCreator and are able to build cross platform (web) applications for, among others, Windows and Linux. We emphasize standardization. Think of standard interfaces, libraries (API / SDKs) in order to be as future-oriented as possible and also offer framework contracts to continue the service of your application.


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Algorithm development

Besides knowledge in the area of application development, there is also a lot of knowledge in the field of algorithm development in the field of image processing, 3D pointcloud processing, machine learning, deep learning, calculation modeling and simulations. We are experts in extracting relevant information from large datasets and frequently use parallel computing techniques such as GPGPU.

Robotics and mechanical engineering

By working together with specialist partners in the field of robot control, software development, PLC control, product designing and machine building, we are able to deliver complete industrial applications. SenseIT is particularly strong in combining the various disciplines and ensures that all components work together seamlessly on the basis of standardized interfaces.

Data management

Each (measurement) system generates a large amount of data that needs to be stored. For this we distinguish between information that is local (cache) and data that needs to be stored in the cloud for a longer period of time and in a secure way. In addition, we use different types of (distributed) databases and storage systems to search data and to discover correlations.

Intuitive userinterfaces

In addition to functionality, it is very important that the operator can intuitively operate the machine or installation. For this we develop software that runs locally at the machine and web services that are easily accessible via a browser. In this way, in addition to the control, statistical information can be presented in a well-organized way.

Product development

In many of the systems that we develop for our customers, we see the application and the combination of various technical disciplines: hardware, software, mechanics, optics and electronics. A good example of this is the development of a single scanner for the company Exoligament for which we have developed a portable 270 degree 3D scanner for making custom ankle bands to support and protect the ankle.